JEFFREY ROBINSON on Today’s Soaring Global Money Laundering, Illicit Drugs, Dirty Money & Political Corruption

14 February 2022

Jeffrey Robinson is the bestselling author of 30 books, and a popular speaker on the international after-dinner circuit. Born in Long Beach, NY (1945), he began selling freelance articles and stories to small magazines before his 15th birthday. Later, while attending Temple University in Philadelphia (BA-1967), he wrote for television and radio, was a staff writer at KYW-TV3 (1965), scripted a popular local children's show and was on the writing staff of "The Mike Douglas Show" (1966), a nationally televised daily talk show. After serving as a press and public relations officer in the United States Air Force (1967-1971), he took up residence in the south of France where he spent the next 12 years vagabonding around the world, writing articles and short stories for leading North American and British periodicals. In 1982, now earning his living as an established freelance journalist and short story writer, he moved to London England to write books. His money laundering tour de force, The Laundrymen (1993) was a headline-maker in 14 countries, establishing him as a recognized expert on organized crime, dirty money, fraud and money laundering. Actively maintaining that reputation through books, television programs and speaking engagements around the world, the British Bankers' Association has labeled him, "the world's most important financial crime author." In addition to books on dirty money, he has published investigative non-fiction, major biographies and novels. Source: jeffreyrobinson.com